Ali Al Tajer


1962   Born in Iraq 

Center for Fine Arts
1982   Drawing Department Baghdad, Iraq 
College of Fine Arts
1987   Bachelors in Drawing Baghdad, Iraq 
College of Fine Arts
1992   Masters in Drawing Baghdad, Iraq 

Member of the Association of Iraqi Artists
Member of the Organization of Iraqi Fine Artists

1978-1984   Artist for renown Iraqi Magazines 
-Al-Mizmar: children’s paper - back with wide distribution.
Illustration accompanying different scenarios for magazine content.
-Afaq Arabia: high end monthly publication of Arab Islamic Architecture and Art with some political content.
Contributed to drawing and designing of the cover of the magazine.
1979   Participated in collective exhibition held for the international Annual Festival of the child.
1982   Production of an animated film for the educational channel on Iraqi T.V.
1986   Fashion designer for the Iraq Fashion House .
1987   Participated in Jewelry exhibition inspired by traditional Iraq Jewelry.

1989   - The study of human and animal figures as motifs in the decoration of the facades of traditional and vernacular Iraqi houses field Research in Baghdad and Mosul .
1993   - The study of the contemporary artistic vision of the Epic of the Creation of Babel: an analytical study as part of thesis for master’s degree .
1993-1997   - Research and work on the subject of Iraqi heritage .

1989   -‘Tuquos’ held at Aba’ad gallery Baghdad 
2000   -Ajyal gallery Beirut 
2002   -Aunas min Ard Al-Sawad (Humans of Black Earth) held at Al Anda Gallery Amman
2004   -Al Ruwaq Gallery Bahrain 
2004   -Awar Gallery Amman 
2014   -Iraq held at Orfally Gallery Amman 
1985-2014   -Exhibiting participant in many collective exhibitions held in Iraq and other countries 

Ali Al tajir

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